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Accounting Services

Your business needs to ensure that accounting records are accurate at all times and efficient on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. Another key benefit to ensuring your business accounting needs is that all financial reports are professionally prepared by Abacus, increasing your confidence in us. Accounting is about using financial data to drive decision making. This financial data is prepared through accounting services.

 Abacus offers a wide range of accounting services, including:
1. Complete maintenance of accounting
2. Preparation of monthly books and accounting, including preparation of financial statements;
3. Calculation of salaries, preparation and declaration of payrolls;
4. Preparation of Individual Financial Statements
5. Preparation of Consolidated Financial Statements
6. Preparation of Annual Reports and Statements according to Law 25/2018 “On accounting and financial statements”
7. Annual Income Statement
8. Declaration of the Decisions of the Assembly for the destination of the profit.
9. Statement of Financial Statements, Statements and other materials for the National Registration Center (NRC) application outsourcing and business process outsourcing.

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